• Melissa DuBow

Animal Rescue Mission

When the pandemic first began in March and April, I thought I was doing just fine. You know, as fine as anyone was taking it. I realized I felt quite alone without my pack. I hadn't seen my dogs in 2 months and strangers were not really cool with me saying hello to their pets either, who could blame anyone, things were scary.

So, after a bit I started thinking about fostering. A friend of mine shared a post from the animal rescue mission of a dog sleeping in a gutter that was heart breaking. I reached out quickly, but with their connections and hard work they found someone else fast. They kept me on their list and asked if I'd be open to anyone new because they have new dogs all the time.

The next day I received a phone call about the cutest and dirtiest little chihuahua . I said yes and there I was 3 hours later washing fleas off of the cutest little boy ever. I realized how much I needed a dog in my life after the absence since the pandemic literally brought my business to a halt.

In about 2 days that lucky boy was adopted. And in those two days I fell in love with him. I called him Dogtor Fauci. He is now called Rigatoni or Riggy. I think we will all think of him as Dogtor Rigatoni Fauci. After that I kept fostering. It is heart breaking when you say goodbye but it is worth it seeing their makeovers and watching them trust and grow with you.

Animal Rescue Mission

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